We can work with your organisation to review your in-house mental health and well-being policies and practices, and help you identify and implement tools and resources to support your staff.

This might be to advise you on ensuring that your staff are equipped to maintain good mental health, or to support them in difficult situations such as working with vulnerable people or in traumatic situations. We also offer guidance for schools and other places of learning.

Neil has been working with Stigma Statistics on an exciting workplace initiative. In collaboration with other industry experts, we have recently created a workplace wellbeing, mental health & suicide prevention rating system called Safer & Supported.

This is a fantastic way to fully understand your wellbeing risks as an organisation and receive recommendations on what more you could be doing to support your team in these trying times.

The first stage is to complete an assessment questionnaire. Then we would schedule a meeting to discuss the assessment, provide the rating (1-5) and any recommendations.

Stigma Statistics is offering the Safer & Supported assessment rating for £500. However, they have promised to offer a discount if you mention Nuthatch Consultants.

If you’re interested in finding out more Safer & Supported head to Stigma Statistics website or email info@stigmastats.co.uk

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